Expectation of Success in ivf/icsi


    A delivery rate up to 50% can be obtained in good prognosis patients. Success rate is dependent on the patient’s age, cause, duration of infertility, and embryo quality. Counseling regarding a patient’s individual prognosis will be done at the time of our initial consultation. Multiple pregnancies can occur with IVF. It is our program goal to minimize the occurrence of multiple pregnancies.

    Many people are astonished to realize that human reproduction is a relatively inefficient process. In normal and healthy couples who are trying to get pregnant, approximately 60 eggs will be fertilized and implanted for every 100 exposed cycles. Of those 60 “pregnancies”, approximately 25 will be lost before the first expected menstrual period (Referred to as an occult pregnancy). Not having a missed or delayed period, the woman does not even realize that an early pregnancy has been lost. Other confirmed pregnancies are lost later as early spontaneous abortions. About 25% of ovulations make it to viability. As a result of this early embryonic loss, under normal circumstances a normal healthy couple has a 1 in 4 chance of having a viable pregnancy each month. It is good to keep these figures in mind as one, under 30, considers the prognosis for in-vitro fertilization.